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Call us today for fastest Emergency Tree Service in Albuquerque, NM. Sometimes weather and other conditions can cause a large branch or an entire tree to fail, which can be a huge headache for homeowners and business proprietors.  Albuquerque Tree Service always tries to ease our customers’ worries in these situations by providing prompt and affordable emergency tree removals.

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We keep our normal tree maintenance schedule flexible, because there is never any warning for when the need for an  emergency tree cleanup will be necessary.  Our certified tree techs are some of the most skilled and experienced in the industry, so they know how to handle these tricky situations safely and quickly.

There are no emergency tree removal service in the city that are too big or too small for our company.  Some companies lack the expertise or equipment to deal with situations involving obstacles or hazards, but we are a full service company that can handle it all.

We have been providing emergency tree cutting for years now, also providing Rio Rancho, Sandia, Sandia Heights, North Valley, South Valley, Paradise Hills, Corrales and more with our expert tree doctors.  Call 505-933-7340 today for removals or any of our other services.

The best way to handle a tree emergency is to avoid one altogether.

Ask about our emergency prevention program today, where we can provide checkups on unbalanced trees, failing branches or diseased trees that are often the culprit of a costly tree emergency.  A simple tree cutting or branch cutting can allow you to keep your tree around while avoiding the cost and headache of a fallen or uprooted tree.

As a full service company in the tree care industry, we provide all manner of emergency tree cutting service & tree pruning, call us for a quick estimate.

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