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Albuquerque Tree Service offers some of the best tree maintenance available in the area.  Every customer has their own unique needs and our certified tree doctors are equipped and trained to handle it all.  No jobs are too big, too small or too complicated for our company.  We have proudly served both residential and commercial customers for years and we are known for our prompt, professional service and affordable rates.

We offer tree cutting for those that need to deal with hazards or prevent failures involving their trees.  Trees that have been damaged in storms, are stricken by disease or have grown an unbalanced structure can be made safe again by the removal of a branch.  No matter how tall a tree is or how precarious the conditions are, we get tree branches removed quickly and safely.

Our business does a lot of tree trimming as well.  These jobs usually involve minor inconveniences or the prevention of a potentially larger issue, such trimming branches above a sidewalk or trimming a tree limb that is growing into a building.  Whether it means removing a tree limb that is growing into a third story window or clearing tree branches to reduce bird waste on a driveway, we are equipped to handle it all.

Pruning is another specialty performed by our tree doctors.  We have performed tree pruning for a long time.  Our arborists are experts at the maintenance of some of the exotic tree species you see around the area.  Also, if we can get at a tree while it is fairly young, we have been able to make even the most common of our domestic tree breeds look ornamental.

If you have any questions about any tree maintenance, go ahead and give us a call at 505-933-7340.  As with all of our regular services, you can get a free estimate on any tree cutting, trimming or pruning.  We keep trees looking healthy and beautiful in all the surrounding areas as well: Sandia, Sandia Heights, North Valley, South Valley, Paradise Hills, Corrales.
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