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Difficult Tree Removal is our specialty, we have over 30 years experience and a well versed crew that’s been together for many years. With out great team work, knowledge, skills & great equipment we can handle big, challenging tree removals other companies might walk away from.

Some key features of our service:

True Experts will be working on your trees, at least 20 years experience

Utilization of heavy equipment such as cranes & bucket trucks, if needed


Licensed & insured by the state of New Mexico

Fair & Honest Pricing, Free Estimates

Great Reputation


Emergency Tree Service available

Payment Options

Whether we involve a crane, bucket truck or purely tree climbers or all of them combined, we get the job done in the safest and most cost effective manner possible. Leave it up to us to have fully licensed & insured staff that are highly qualified for the job. DIY tree removal projects can be timely and extremely difficult for the untrained amateurs.

If you do decide to hire Albuquerque Tree Service, or go with other company make sure you ask to see their license & insurance because there’s a lot of companies that claim they have proper licensing but they do not. That is the unfortunate aspect of this industry, just about anyone can go purchase a chainsaw and claim they are a tree service company.


These small companies may do fine for small tree trimming jobs, but for bigger projects, they may spend 2-3 times longer to finish the same job we can complete in matter of few hours.

Just because we are experienced, doesn’t mean our prices are high either. We always quote fairly and very honest with the homeowner whether they actually need a complete removal or not. Our integrity is everything, and our honesty is our bread & butter of our business and its success.

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