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We take care of commercial & residential tree trimming needs, from cutting down hard to reach branches to proper fruit or flower tree pruning, we have certified arborists and master tree climbers to get the job done safely and effectively.

Leave it to the professionals for difficult branch removals, as we will use ropes and other tools to carry one big branch at a time, without letting it hit the ground if we have to. These techniques separates the pros from the amateurs, and sometimes that is needed especially if you got a branch hanging over your house, swimming pool or other structures.

Each year we are hired by many of the local businesses that have arbors that out grew their property, and now the thick leaves are beginning to invade into other spaces, often times there is very little clearance so using an experienced tree climber is by far the best way and we have proven ourselves year after year, with injury & accident free service at half the time as most other tree service companies.

We also set the standard for how a proper tree care professional should operate, with drug free staff and proper license & insurance. Albuquerque Tree Service didn’t come all this way by cutting corners. We did things correctly even if at times it was more costly, this is why we have consistently grew our business with ever growing repeat customer base and became one of the top companies in the city.

If you need to trim up your tree or cut down some dying branches, and not sure if full removal is required, then give us a call, we are one of the few companies that will actually give you the truth because we care about our customers more than money and we have plenty of healthy business from all over so our focus is simply to make customer happy & educated so they can make the wise decision.

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